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I am a Teacher, Musician, Composer and have been involved in the music industry for 27 years, planning to do a PHD in Music Composition at Griffith University in 2014. I have had the privilege to study arranging with Graeme Lyall, composition and harmony with Roger Frampton and Piano and Counterpoint with Judy Bailey. I have also studied with Verve Recording Artist; Joe Henderson, Wes Anderson (Lincoln Centre Orchestra) and Barry Harris (New York Piano Player/ Educator). I have taught at Pre Schools, Primary/High Schools and Tertiary Institutions and workshops at various camps and music festivals and performed in New York, Portugal, Europe, involved with or led various music projects over the years.

Friday, March 22, 2013

ABSTRACT "The Harmonic Explorations of Joe Henderson" A Study By A Professional Jazz Musician Of His Contribution To The Modern Jazz Composition And Tenor Saxophone Sound

Purpose: This is a creative practice led project and exegesis seeking to demonstrate why Joe Henderson is widely considered in the international jazz community to be one of the most meaningful players and composers to emerge from the 1960s, inspiring current players and composers in the field of modern jazz composition and tenor saxophone improvisation by evaluating the influence of his compositions, performance and improvisation techniques on the development of the current generation of Jazz saxophonists. Research Methods Used: 1) Creative component: transcription and analysis of Joe Henderson’s work, composition of original repertoire and a documented CD Recording of a jazz ensemble performing the original compositions. 2) Theoretical component: a review of literature on Joe Henderson’s scores and music, an analysis on the influence of Joe Henderson, and an evaluation of his influence on my development as a musician/composer and saxophonist. A harmonic analysis of transcriptions from music audio files of influential improvisational saxophone solos by the selected artist was written. Transcription is a credible musicological practice for jazz musicians and it enables them to learn tools and develop vocabulary used in improvisation and the jazz language. Original compositions were written, performed and recorded as an audio CD by a jazz ensemble lead by Alfredo Lopes in the harmonic style of Joe Henderson, putting into practice the information learnt from methodologies previously mentioned (Practice Led Research from the Creative Arts Paradigm). The Study is documented as an Exegesis in the following format: 1 Introduction 2 Methodology 3 Literature Review 4 Repertoire Analysis 5 Analysis Of My Own Creative Work 6 Comparative Study 7 Conclusion 8 References 9. Appendix Main Conclusion: This examination has led me to new discoveries in the potentialities as a jazz composer and improviser, having developed from working within the boundaries, structures and influences of various tunes and performances by past masters such as Joe Henderson, who provide knowledge and space to transmute ideas and break new ground. This study contributes to a greater knowledge, assessment and mapping of the influential techniques of Joe Henderson’s music and its impact on the current saxophone playing and composition being integrated into original creative practices which may be used as a Pedagogical study and educational tool.

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